Free Introductory Class With Your First Purchase

With your first purchase through Chicago Kettlebell Company, you will be entitled to a free kettlebell introduction class with your choice of these excellent instructors:


Jeff Armstrong, RKC, Wheaton Barbell, Wheaton Illinois

Steve Bradford, RKC, CPT, True Health Studio, Aurora, Illinois

Tori Bradford, RKC, CPT, True Health Studio, Aurora, Illinois

Keith Ciucci RKC, Wheaton Sport Center, Wheaton, Illinois

Newt Cole, RKC, Morning Bird Studio, 3708 N. Halsted St., Chicago, Illinois

Michael Connelly, RKC, Rebell Conditioning, Chicago, Illinois

Carolyn Hakes, RKCII CICS, Fitness First Personal Training, Naperville, Illinois

Aaron Johnson, RKC, Mascoutah, Illinois

Nicci Johnson, RKC, CICS, Mascoutah, Illinois

Paul Lyngso, RKCII CK-FMS, Burr Ridge Kettlebell Club, Willowbrook, Illinois

Gwen Mihaljevic, RKC, Evil Strength at Tsubo, 1821 W. Hubbard St., #201, Chicago, Illinois

Robert Alexander Miller, RKCII, In Kilograms at i.d. gym, 2727 N. Lincoln St., Chicago, Illinois

Prentiss Rhodes, RKC Team Leader, CK-FMS, CSCS, DC, Rhodes Fusion Fitness, Chicago, Illinois

Carl Sipes, RKC, CK-FMS, Method Training, Peoria, Illinois


Shannon Lutze, RKC, TNT Performance Training, Brookfield, Wisconsin

Meagan Pollak, RKC, TNT Performance Training, Brookfield, Wisconsin

Ryan Toshner, RKCII, CK-FMS, TNT Performance Training, Brookfield, Wisconsin

RKC Instructor- Get Certified

RKCs: If you would like to participate in this program, please send an email to, or click on the Contact Us tab.